What We Do

A Blockchain Based Solution for the Global OTC Derivatives Market

  • Builds a network of trust

    Fortuna solves the problem of trust in the OTC derivatives market with the new consensus algorithm DPOSA, structured smart contracts, a decentralized quote scheme, digitalized supervision, and other blockchain techniques.

  • Improves operational efficiency

    As a specialized blockchain platform for derivatives, Fortuna can improve the operational efficiency during each step of a transaction, including contract creation, price quoting, contract signing, trading, and clearing.

  • Increase liquidity

    As the medium of exchange accepted by Fortuna, the utility-based crypto-token FOTA allows the platform to access the global liquidity pool and transcend barriers imposed by physical location and currency.

  • Motivates users to trade

    Fortuna supports two modes of trading: PrC and PuC. With PrC, users make a peer-to-peer transaction without any agency cost. With PuC, users create new types of derivatives and shape the market while benefiting from new trading volumes.

  • Enriches the derivatives market

    Users of Fortuna can create all kinds of derivatives with different underlying assets, deal structures, durations, margin ratios and other transactional elements. Fortuna will be a worldwide incubator for innovative derivatives tools.

  • Uses algorithms to self-regulate

    With algorithmic regulation, Fortuna supports transparent, real-time, and comprehensive data supervision. Algorithms for smart contracts, digitalized supervision, consensus arbitration, etc., create a new way of regulation and self-discipline.

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Founded In November 2017, Fortuna Aims To Create The First Blockchain Platform For The Global OTC Derivatives Market.
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Q 4

1.   Roles and framework design of Fortuna ecosystem.

2.   Design of block structure and parameters, pre-development work.


Q 1

1.   Distribute ERC20 standard compliant tokens which will be replaced with equivalent amount of FOTA after the launch of the main net.

2.   Distribute test net of Fortuna blockchain for internal testing.

3.   Launch the single-node version which includes contract creating, searching, signing, etc.

Q 2

1.   Distribute the test net of the Fortuna blockchain with command tools.

2.   Performance testing, parameter tuning and security testing.

3.   Develop the main contract and the Fortuna contract template protocol.

4.   Support the resolution and execution of contracts and contract templates which are developed with FCTP protocol language.

5.   Develop the Fortuna Quoter Interface protocol.

Q 3

1.   FOTA value locking service.

2.   Contract Creation and Trading.

3.   Introduce a Margin Call Service.

4.   Distribute the main net of Fortuna 1.0.0.

5.   Release the Web Wallet 1.0.

6.   Replace the ERC20 standard compliant token with FOTA.

Q 4

1.   Distribute a PC wallet.

2.   Distribute a wallet for mobile (IOS, Android).

3.   Distribute the Blockchain explorer.

4.   Support more underlying assets.

5.   Advanced Contract Search and Compliance Filter.

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